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Game Developer Conference 2010


Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

I’m off to San Francisco for this week’s conference. Microsoft will be doing two tutorials days again this year, but unlike previous years it is a mixed track of Windows, Xbox 360, and other Microsoft game platforms including XNA Game Studio material on both days. At prior conferences the XNA Game Studio product was on one day, and everything else was on another day. We are giving a number of talks through Sponsered Sessions during the main conference as well.

With Gamefest being a closed event this year, GDC will be the first public venue for this material.

Microsoft Developer Days - Tuesday (10am - 6pm)
Visual C++ 2010: A Turbo Boost in Productivity*
System-wide Game Profiling with the Windows Performance Toolkit*
Building an Uber-Fast Crowd Renderer for Your Next Xbox 360 Engine
Block Compression Smorgasbord*
The Dark Art of ShadowMapping*
DirectX 11 Technology Update*

Microsoft Developer Days - Wednesday (10am - 6pm)
DirectX 11 DirectCompute–A Teraflop for Everyone*
Think DirectX 11 Tessellation! – Lots of Options*
Developing for Windows Phone 7 Series with XNA Game Studio 4.0
Optimizing Performance of Modern Games for Windows Phone
Development and Debugging Tools for Windows Phone
Expanding the Reach of Gaming on Windows Phone

Microsoft Sponsored Sessions - Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
Anti-Piracy and Anti-Cheat Features of GFWL*
Life After Windows XP: Windows Vista and Windows 7*
The Value Proposition for Games for Windows - LIVE*
The (3D) Sound of Success: X3DAudio and Sound Positioning*

The four Windows Phone talks from the tutorial days are also being repeated as Sponsored Sessions

The * indicates a Windows-related talk, and you can see it’s about half the content. I’m giving two of these talks.