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Game Developer Conference 2012


Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

Slides and recorded audio for the Microsoft presentations at GDC 2012 are now available on Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft Developer Day

Windows 8

Creating a Great Metro Style Game for Windows 8

Developing Metro Style Games on the Full Range of Windows 8 Devices

Xbox LIVE on Windows Deep Dive


Xbox LIVE Services - Entertainment Powered by the Cloud

Game Data Anywhere Using Xbox LIVE Cloud Storage

Asynchronous Gaming with Xbox LIVE

Xbox LIVE Web Games

Sponsered Sessions

Windows 8

Visual Studio 11 for Game Developers

Monetization Strategies for Windows 8 Games


Xbox LIVE Multiplayer Gaming on Windows 8 and Other Devices

Building Cross-Device Xbox LIVE Games


Innovative Solutions to Gesture Detection

“Xbox, Play” : Harnessing the Power of Speech

Kinect Human Tracking - Better, Stronger, Faster

There were also some Direct3D 11 presentations from AMD and NVIDIA. The AMD talk on how to use the GPUView tool is a great place to get started with a very powerful, if difficult to use, analysis tool. There we a number of talks from Intel on Windows PCs as well.</p>