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Game Developer Conference 2013


Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

The Microsoft presentations at GDC 2013 are freely available from the GDC Vault.


Conquering the Galaxy with Phones and Tablets: Galactic Reign Postmortem

Secrets of Success for Publishing Games in the Windows Store

Optimizing for Power Efficient GPUs in DirectX/C++ Windows Store Games

Core Technologies for Windows 8 Games

Developing a Windows Store Game with DirectX and C++

Designing Games for Windows 8 Tablets and PCs

Windows phone

Intro to DirectX C++ Game Development on Windows Phone 8

Building DirectX Games for Windows and Windows Phone

Building Connected Game Experiences on Windows Phone

Using In-Application Purchase for Windows Phone Games

Middleware Offerings for Windows and Windows Phone

From Our Partners: What Makes a Great Windows Phone Game


Developing a Second Screen Experience with Xbox SmartGlass

Note: There were a number of DirectX 11 related presentations from AMD, NVIDIA, and Intel as well.