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Gamefest 2010 Presentations Posted


Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

The Gamefest 2010 Conference US and UK content (presentations and audio where available) is now available on Microsoft downloads, and the website has been updated with a complete index of talks. All of the Project Natal material is of course confidential and is only available to those with an Xbox 360 Developer account, but the majority of the other talks are public as usual.

There’s a ton of content there that is applicable to Windows, Xbox 360, XNA Game Studio, and Xbox LIVE, but here are the highlights for Windows developers:


Games for Windows: Updates for Windows 7 (QA & Certification) link

Life after Windows XP: Windows Vista and Windows 7 (CPU and System Programming) link

System-wide Game Profiling with the Windows Performance Toolkit (CPU and System Programming Track)

DirectX 11 (Graphics)

DirectX 11 Technology Update link

Think DirectX 11 Tessellation! - What Are Your Options? link

DirectX 11 DirectCompute: A Teraflop for Everyone link

Block Compression Smorgasbord link

Advanced Rendering Techniques with DirectX 11 (AMD)

Best Practices for DirectX 11 Development (AMD)

Fluid Simulation Driven Effects in Dark Void (NVIDIA)

Visual Studio 2010 (CPU and System Programming)

Visual C++ 2010: A Turbo Boost in Productivity

Visualization Tools for Multicore Performance Analysis

Unleashing the Power of C++0x

The Compiler is Not a Black Box

Moving Beyond Threads: Parallel Programming in C++ with the Parallel Pattern Library, Asynchronous Agents Library, and Concurrency Runtime

XAUDIO2 (Audio)

XAudio2: High Performance Considerations link

The (3D) Sound of Success: X3DAudio and Sound Positioning link

Games for Windows - LIVE

The Value Proposition for Games for Windows – LIVE (Producer & Business Development)

Beat the Pirates, Pwn the Hackers: Anti-Piracy and Anti-Cheat Features of Games for Windows – LIVE (Live and Networking)

Optimizing your Games for Windows – LIVE Submissions Using LIVE Installer Technology (LIVE and Networking)

Life Support: Extend the Life of Your Game with Games for Windows - LIVE Marketplace (LIVE and Networking)