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GameStack Live 2021


Chuck Walbourn -

The GameStack Live virtual event is underway, with live chat in the Discord channel. It includes news about DirectX 12, public information about the Xbox Series X console, and Azure cloud development. You can watch the talks on-demand on YouTube. Presentations are available for download from GitHub.

DirectX 12

One of the announcements is the release of the DirectX 12 Agility SDK. This is a combination of the latest system headers for DirectX 12 being available from GitHub, NuGet, or vcpkg, plus redistributable binaries in a NuGet package that provides DirectX 12 feature updates on Windows 10 November 2019 Update or later. This includes OS support for the new DirectX Ultimate Direct3D Hardware Feature Level 12.2 and Shader Model 6.6. Full details are covered in the Getting Started Guide. There’s also a new version of PIX which supports the new features.

DirectX Landing Page

There’s now a DirectX Landing Page. It includes a link to the various resources for using DirectX 12, and also includes links to my various related GitHub projects. It’s a handy link to keep around.