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UVAtlas - Return of the Isochart

codeplex, github

Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

Thanks to help from the original Microsoft developer, Xin Huang, the UVAtlas isochart technology that previously was only available in the deprecated D3DX9 library is now available on CodePlexGitHub. It is standalone and builds with the usual assortment of platform tools: Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2010 with the Windows 8.1 SDK. It has no dependencies on the legacy DirectX SDK, D3DX, or DirectSetup. While not required, you will find DirectXMesh useful for generating the triangle adjacencies required for the isochart creation, and DirectXTex useful for loading/converting image data when generating IMTs from textures.

The package includes a new version of the UVAtlas command-line tool sample which also requires the latest DirectXMesh and DirectXTex packages to build–this sample is based on the meshconvert command-line tool sample for DirectXMesh.

Porting Notes

Here’s a handy table of equivalents for D3DX (see Living without D3DX for a complete listing):

D3DXUVAtlasCreate UVAtlasCreate
D3DXUVAtlasPartition UVAtlasPartition
D3DXUVAtlasPack UVAtlasPack
D3DXComputeIMTFromPerVertexSignal UVAtlasComputeIMTFromPerVertexSignal
D3DXComputeIMTFromPerTexelSignal UVAtlasComputeIMTFromPerTexelSignal
D3DXComputeIMTFromSignal UVAtlasComputeIMTFromSignal
D3DXComputeIMTFromTexture UVAtlasComputeIMTFromTexture

Update: In related news, I’ve also posted an update of DirectXMesh with a sample tool meshconvert.

vcpkg: The vcpkg C++ Package Manager has a uvatlas port available.