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VS 2019 Update 4


Chuck Walbourn -

Visual Studio 2019 Update 4 (a.k.a. 16.4) is now available for download. For more information see the Visual Studio Team blog.

Updates older than 16.11 of Visual Studio 2019 are out of their support lifecycle as of October 2022.

The latest VS 2019 Redistribution packages are available (x86, x64), as well as the Remote Debugging Tools (x86, x64). For more on Visual Studio 2019 Update 4, see the release notes.

This release also includes a new tool: AddressSanitizer (ASan) for Windows

Note that ASan in 16.4 only supports x86 Release mode. 16.7 updates this with support for Debug and x64 as well.

Compiler and CRT

VS 2019 Update 4 includes a new version of the C/C++ compiler (19.24.28314.0). This includes some improvements for the C++ inliner.

The C/C++ Runtime (14.24.28127) is included in this update. Remember that VS 2015, VS 2017, and VS 2019 share the same runtime redistributable binaries and are binary compatible.

16.4 update C++ compiler
16.4.0 19.24.28314.0
16.4.3 19.24.28315.0
16.4.4 19.24.28316.0
16.4.6 19.24.28319.0

Note that the Visual C/C++ Runtime library is now available on GitHub. See this blog post for more information.

C++20: The /std:c++latest switch enables support for C++20 draft features including conditionally explicit constructors.

C++ Code Analysis: VS 2019 (16.4) now includes support for clang-tidy for both the Clang and MSVC toolsets. See this blog post for details.

clang/LLVM: VS 2019 Update 4 includes clang 9 for Windows as an optional component.

DirectXMath: There is a known issue where the IsNan tests can fail when building with /fp:fast due to new optimizations. This is fixed when using DirectXMath 3.14 in combination with this update.

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