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DirectXMath 3.13


Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

DirectXMath version 3.13 is now available on NuGet and GitHub. It is included in the Windows October 2018 Update SDK (17763), which jumps from version 3.11 which shipped in both the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update SDK (16299) and the Windows 10 April 2018 Update SDK (17134). Basically, I missed getting DirectXMath 3.12 into the April 2018 update cycle. For historic purposes you can find 3.12 on GitHub and NuGet as well, and this was the last version to support the Visual C++ 2013 compiler.

DirectXMath 3.12

The changes for this version were fairly minor, and are all included in the DirectXMath 3.13 release as well.

  • ARM64 use of fused multiply-accumulate intriniscs
  • Conformance fix for XMConvertFloatToHalf
  • Minor code cleanup

DirectXMath 3.13

This version includes some conformance fixes, and supports VS 2015 and VS 2017. I was able to build the code cleanly with both the Intel C++ 18.0 compiler and the clang 6 toolset, but only for conformance as I didn’t verify the code-generation correctness. This version also includes some new types to improve interop with the new DirectX Raytracing API.

  • XMFLOAT3X4, XMFLOAT3X4A, and associated Load/Store functions
  • Move/copy constructors and assignment operators for C++ types
  • Minor fix for XMVectorClamp behavior with NaN
  • Fixed compilation warnings with VS 2017 (15.7 update), Intel C++ 18.0 compiler, and clang 6
  • Retired VS 2013 support
  • Minor code cleanup

NuGet: Note the version number schemed for NuGet packages changed from “3.1.3” to the publishing date and build number “2018.7.23.2”. This was part of updating the build process to support NuGet signing, and indeed the DirectXMath 3.13 NuGet package is digitally signed.

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