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Originally posted to Chuck Walbourn's Blog on MSDN,

As you may have heard in the technical press, Microsoft is a more open-source friendly place these days, and has embraced GitHub for a number of high-profile projects. As a result of this shift and an internal push to move to git generally, I’ve updated my existing CodePlex projects so that I can easily mirror them to GitHub. For the immediate future, I plan to maintain both sites equally with the bulk of the documentation still residing on CodePlex, but you can get full source and releases from either location thanks to the magic of distributed VCS.

In addition, all six of these projects are now licensed under MIT rather than MS-PL. The terms of both licenses are basically the same, but in legal circles the MIT license is more widely understood and is considered more ‘standard’. Of course, I’m Not A Lawyer, so you should make your own determination about the change of license.

DirectX Tool Kit

GitHub (retired CodePlex)

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Update: DirectX Tool Kit for DirectX 12 is now available as well:


GitHub (retired CodePlex)

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GitHub (retired CodePlex)

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GitHub (retired CodePlex)

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Effects 11

GitHub (retired CodePlex)

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GitHub (retired CodePlex)

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Sample Content Exporter

In addition to the Microsoft GitHub repositories above, I’ve also set up a personal GitHub project to host the Samples Content Exporter sample which has been updated to support VS 2012 with Autodesk FBX SDK 2014.1 or later, and VS 2013 with Autodesk FBX SDK 2015.1.

DirectXTK Samples

There is a personal GitHub project hosting the various DirectX Tool Kit SimpleSample projects.

DirectX SDK Samples

Finally, I’ve setup another personal GitHub repository to host the cleaned up DirectX SDK samples for DirectX 11, XAudio2, XInput, and DirectInput that have been updated to not require the legacy DirectX SDK to build.

Update: There is now another personal GitHub repository that has all the legacy samples I didn’t clean up for the repository above–Direct3D 9, Direct3D 10, DirectSound, XInputGame, and the remaining DirectX 11 samples. They do not use the DirectX SDK and instead use a NuGet package.

DirectXMath Extensions

The various DirectXMath extension blog posts now have their own projects as well on GitHub: DirectXMath instruction set extensions, spherical harmonics math, and digital signal processing.

Update: There is now a DirectXMath GitHub which hosts the library as well as all related extensions.