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VS 2022 Update 4


Chuck Walbourn -

Visual Studio 2022 Update 4 (a.k.a. 17.4) is now available for download, including the updated Community edition. The VS 2022 Redistribution packages are also available (x86, x64, arm64), as well as the Remote Debugging Tools (x86, x64, arm64). This release includes better IDE performance. For more information see the Visual Studio Team blog, Visual C++ Team Blog, and the release notes.

Note that VS 2022 17.4, 17.6, 17.8, and 17.10 are supported through the Long Term Servicing Channel.

Compiler and CRT

VS 2022 Update 4 includes a revision of the C/C++ compiler (19.34.31933.0). Note there are a few new warnings at high warning levels (C5262, C5264), as well as additional improvements when working with large C++ codebases.

17.4 update C++ compiler
17.4.0 19.34.31933.0
17.4.2 19.34.31935.0
17.4.3 19.34.31937.0
17.4.5 19.34.31942.0

The C/C++ Runtime (14.34.31931) is binary compatible with VS 2015 Update 3 through VS 2022, which means you can safely link C/C++ code built with VS 2015 Update 3, VS 2017, or VS 2019 with VS 2022. See Microsoft Docs for details. A full list of updates to the Standard C++ Library can be found on GitHub.

clang: VS 2022 17.4 includes clang/LLVM v15.0.1 for Windows as an optional component. This version fixes ‘unsuppressable warnings’ from the linker when using the latest Microsoft platform libraries due to new Control Flow Guard metadata. This impacts some libraries in the Windows SDK (22621) and the Microsoft GDK (October 2022 or later) releases.

CMake: This update also includes CMake version 3.24.

ARM64 Update 4 is the first fully supported release of Visual Studio for ARM64 native. See this blog post.

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