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Windows SDK for Windows 11, Version 22H2


Chuck Walbourn -

Windows 11 “2022 Update” (Version 22H2, Build 22621) was released today per the Windows Experience Blog. The Windows SDK for Windows 11, Version 22H2 (10.0.22621) is available for download, and is offered as an optional component in Visual Studio 2022.

DirectXMath: This Windows SDK includes version 3.17.

NuGet: The Windows SDK is also offered via NuGet.

Direct3D 12: New features supported in this Windows 11 update include Shader Model 6.7, Alpha Blend Factor, and a few other new optional features. See D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS12, and D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS13. These are also supported on recent builds of Windows 10 via the DirectX SDK Agility SDK. Support for these new optional features require appropriate drivers are installed for your hardware.

Note that the Enhanced Barriers feature is still in preview in the Windows 11, Version 22H2 release. You must use the DirectX Agility SDK 1.700 or later to access this feature including the ID3D12Device10, ID3D12GraphicsCommandList7, and ID3D12Debug6 interfaces.

In other words, D3D12_FEATURE_D3D12_OPTIONS12.EnhancedBarriersSupported and .RelaxedFormatCastingSupported are always FALSE on ‘stock’ Windows 11, Version 22H2. This also means Shader Model 6.7’s “Advanced Texture Operations” all require the DirectX Agility SDK since those use newer optional features.

D3DX12: The latest version on DirectX-Headers assumes you are using the DirectX SDK Agility SDK and/or the rest of the DirectX-Headers content which already includes some post Windows 11, Version 22H2 SDK content. For the latest version of D3DX12 that supports the new Direct3D 12 types in 22621, but not anything newer, see GitHub.

clang/LLVM: Note that there are a few libraries in the latest Windows SDK that contain “eXtended Flow Guard” (XFG) debug information. These sections are new, and clang/LLVM’s lld-link emits harmless warnings when these are encountered prior to LLVM 15.0.0.

lld-link: warning/error: ignoring unknown debug$S subsection kind 0xFF in file libucrt.lib

See this issue for more details.

The Visual Studio 2022 17.4 Update includes clang 15.0.1 to address this issue.