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DirectXMath 3.17


Chuck Walbourn -

DirectXMath 3.17 is now available via GitHub, NuGet, and vcpkg. It is included in the Windows SDK (10.0.22621) for Windows 11, Version 22H2.

DirectXMath 3.17

The changes for this release include:

  • Added ColorsLinear namespace to DirectXColors.h with linear versions of .NET colors
  • Optimized the XMMatrixRotationRollPitchYaw(FromVector) functions
  • Fixed overread problem for 16bpp GPU types Load functions:
  • XM_CACHE_LINE_SIZE updated for ARM/ARM64 targets to 128 bytes
  • A few comments added to improve IntelliSense experience
  • Conformance improvements for GNU compiler
  • Minor code cleanup

DirectXMath 3.17b

I’ve made a minor hot-fix release since the Windows SDK above was finalized. This version addresses two minor issues:

  • Hot-fix to address -Wreserved-identifier warnings with clang v13
  • C++20 spaceship operators for XMFLOAT2, XMFLOAT3, etc. when building with /std:c++20 /Zc:_cplusplus

This version is available from GitHub, NuGet, and vcpkg. It will be included in a future Windows SDK.

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